Accurate information

Where to begin? I started this blog as a way to have a source for accurate information about the house project. It was a big undertaking, garnering quite a bit of unexpected local attention. Lots of people stop by regularly to look at it or take pictures. They often ask questions, usually the same questions, […]

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More recent pics

My house gets lots of attention.  I don’t mind much.  Mainly because most people who take the time to comment are very positive, I think it is nice.  However just like with anything else, word gets around, people chatter, misinformation gets out there, and keyboard jockeys think everyone cares what they think.  I didn’t build […]

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Post move in updates

After living here for a few months, not much has changed. The front is mostly finished for now, with an actual front door and driveway (with gate), but still temporary fencing. The enclosed patio is mostly complete with the birds having their own finished habitat. This might be the last post for the site because […]

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Really ready for move in…

Now that I’ve had a home tour and finished several more things, I’m realizing that I really thought I’d be in back in August. That sure didn’t happen, mainly because of the whole water issue. I do now have water, but that’s only been in the last couple of weeks. Once that was in, I […]

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Ready for move in…sorta

The first floor is essentially complete and ready for move, except for water. That’s still an ongoing saga that will hopefully be cleared up once and for all, tomorrow. If only the city knew where it put its water line and how they want me to tap it. That’s another (long) story. Due to the […]

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