Welding and framing continues

The first floor is dried in and framing is mostly complete.  Everything turned out as planned.  The welders have been working hard to get all of the seams welded up, often working into the night.  I had a video of them welding at night, but I am unable to post it here.  The roof seams […]

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Looking for ideas and resources

Now that I am further along with the actual structure, I am able to focus on other aspects of the project.  There are two non-traditional parts that I am considering. One would be to put a vintage or industrial looking sign / marquee on the front of the house.  The house will already be very […]

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Windows, doors, and framing

I was planning on hiring someone to install the windows and doors, with someone else to do the framing.  Hurricane Harvey has prevented me from getting someone to do that work.  Instead of just sitting around and waiting for availability, I have taken it upon myself to do that.  While it is not super complicated, […]

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Doors and windows ordering

I ordered doors and windows for the whole project months ago, in fact, before the fabrication even began.  That way the cutting and reinforcing could be done to a specification of an actual window or door, versus the other way around.  The doors and windows will be delivered next week, even though they have been […]

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Welding and on site fabrication

I have a great welder / fabricator that is doing the on site work.  While it is taking a little longer than I would prefer, I am very happy with the work and their dedication.  They have managed to pull the containers together tighter than when they were placed, cut out stair openings, and start […]

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Container placement

This part was always planned to be a one day affair.  In the end, it was.  But not without significant challenges.  Even those with quite a bit of experience with containers challenged that we could do 11 containers in one day (through the rain, no less).  But we did it, on Halloween. The containers had […]

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