Welding and on site fabrication

I have a great welder / fabricator that is doing the on site work.  While it is taking a little longer than I would prefer, I am very happy with the work and their dedication.  They have managed to pull the containers together tighter than when they were placed, cut out stair openings, and start to seal up the outside seams with welded plate.  It isn’t something that is very noticeable, but it has to be done to keep water out of the seams.  This was the same crew that provided the support beam for the cantilevered portion that makes up the garage.  They have been very precise and detailed.  I have seen other container projects were the cutting and structure were pretty rough.  This won’t be one of them.  The pre-placement fabrication work was excellent too, so the doors and windows should go in easily.

We had a hiccup during container delivery where we realized the flooring had been removed from one of the containers.  The good news is much of that floor will be covered or cut out and the flooring was delivered after the fact.  The bad news is that putting the flooring back in will be a challenge.  It is intact, but as containers slightly warp over time, affecting the flooring that is in them, it will be difficult to get used flooring back into a used container without it having variances.  It remains to be seen how well this will turn out.

Our welding crew has come up with some inventive ways to solve some problems and I appreciate all that they have done so far.  We have a ways to go to be finished with that, but I am looking forward to them painting the whole structure once they are done.


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