Doors and windows ordering

I ordered doors and windows for the whole project months ago, in fact, before the fabrication even began.  That way the cutting and reinforcing could be done to a specification of an actual window or door, versus the other way around.  The doors and windows will be delivered next week, even though they have been sitting in a warehouse for months in Houston.  I got all of them, even though the home will only be finished and livable on the first floor initially, because I want the structure to look complete from the outside.  I opted for a much higher performance glass than I planned on going with originally, because I figured you only order these things once.  They come with a lifetime warranty, a glass breakage warranty and more.  They are laminated and insulated, so I am told it will be nearly impossible to hear any of the noise outside and they are nearly impossible to break in through.  Once I have them delivered and a few installed, to check out the performance and quality, I will consider posting the link.  For now, the first floor framing is almost complete to take the window and large door on that floor, to dry in the structure and secure it.



Update:  the doors and windows were delivered.  Finding an installer has been a challenge.  The ones who were willing to do it before the hurricane are no longer willing to do it.  But having a shipping container raised on piers actually made the delivery super simple.  I can actually manage most of them myself once they are on the floor where they need to go.  The truck backed up to the front doors and rolled them off into the entry with a window dolly.  The windows look great and from first glance, it looks like the first and second floor windows that were framed into the metal will fit perfectly.  The fabrication work was well done.


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