Windows, doors, and framing

I was planning on hiring someone to install the windows and doors, with someone else to do the framing.  Hurricane Harvey has prevented me from getting someone to do that work.  Instead of just sitting around and waiting for availability, I have taken it upon myself to do that.  While it is not super complicated, it has taken some creativity to figure out how to install a 12′ long patio door by myself.  The picture window on the first floor had to have another set of hands on it when it went into the opening, but I was able to seal and mount it myself.  So far, I am pleased with the quality of the windows and doors.  A missing roller track and the holidays are the only things preventing me from having the patio door completely sealed up and finished, although it is secure and locked.

The wall framing is simpler.  Since it is really only there to hold insulation, wiring, and drywall; it doesn’t have to be very deep or beefy.  I think the contractors working on site thought I was crazy when I said the way that I was doing it and that I was going to do it by myself.  When I got most of the straight walls on the first floor complete in one day, they didn’t doubt me anymore.  The framing for the interior doors is a little trickier, mostly because I am recessing glass panels into parts of them, but still not that bad.  I plan to have the first floor framing completed this week…. and then on to the ceilings.  That is something else that will be non-traditional, but at least is something I have done before.



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