Looking for ideas and resources

Now that I am further along with the actual structure, I am able to focus on other aspects of the project.  There are two non-traditional parts that I am considering.

One would be to put a vintage or industrial looking sign / marquee on the front of the house.  The house will already be very different from the rest around it and is already an attention-getter.  Obviously I like the idea of reusing something too.  So I figure why not put something cool on the front or a corner?  I am in the process of finding / working with an electrician, which will be one of the more traditional aspects of the project, so I thought if I found something cool, I would prep the electrical for that.  I actually gave up a huge piece of neon sign from several years ago that would have been perfect.  When I sold my shares of my old company, Audio Video Designs, to my business partner, he moved out of our original building when the lease was up to a more appropriate space.  They took down the big sign from the front of the building and we had a huge neon swash that would have been awesome to use.  The problem was that I didn’t have a place to store a 15 foot piece of neon for a few years, so it went back with the sign maker.  I do still have some of our other lettering that came from the same sign though.  So if you come across something or know of something coming down from another building, let me know.  The Kate Spade neon from Highland Village would have been cool and the “made in america” from the closed American Apparel store are some other ideas, I just don’t have any contacts in that type of field.

The other is a potential graffiti project.  I have met with Gonzo247 and hired another street artist for our design center / store, but this would be a little different.  Those guys are professionals and often get paid big bucks for their work.  On the other hand, from what I understand, street artists are often looking for legal places to display their work.  And apparently the higher visibility, the better.  This would potentially be on the top container facing down McGowen towards Midtown.  It would also be the wall of the rooftop deck, once that gets built.  Obviously it would need to be something that could stand the test of time and no advertising or politically motivated designs.  But if anyone knows of an up and coming artist that is looking for a place to display, this would be something that gets attention and will most likely end up in print too.  I would have to approve the design, at least in concept, before agreeing to it.  Below is a picture of our street artist painted glass panels in our theater / listening room (one during an event) and some other ideas.


One thought on “Looking for ideas and resources

  1. Are you looking at using closed cell foam for the insulation against the container walls, ceiling and below the floor? Reccomended


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