Welding and framing continues

The first floor is dried in and framing is mostly complete.  Everything turned out as planned.  The welders have been working hard to get all of the seams welded up, often working into the night.  I had a video of them welding at night, but I am unable to post it here.  The roof seams were finished a little over a week ago.  This has really helped keep the rain out.  The window that will double as a projection screen into the backyard is finished too.  Ryan at Screen Innovations is going to supply me with one of their cool, new Solo motorized screens that will fit in the window casing.  It will be down when watching television or movies inside.  It will motor up to project onto their Black Diamond film, which will be installed onto the glass, making it a rear projection.


The Solo comes in many sizes and several configurations.  I will probably wire it for power, but they have a super cool battery option that lasts over a year and is easy to recharge.



The bathroom also got framed as well.  It is intentionally very small, but should be very efficient.  I am coming from a 400 sq ft. flat rental, so small spaces will not be a big deal.  Moving into a 900 sq ft. space will be a big upgrade.  I did make a decision to do something that you don’t see often in the US and that is use a wall hung toilet in the bathroom.  Because the bowl is mounted to the wall and the tank is inside the wall, it saves as much as a foot of space and also raises it off the floor, leaving it open underneath.  The dimensions of this will work out perfectly.  I am going to install the tank in the framing myself, but I will have a plumber do the actual plumbing work.  It is my understanding that many residential plumbers have not worked with an in wall tank, so having it already installed will make the plumbing more like a regular toilet.  Since it was already outside the norm, I went with a style that will go with the space and not look so much like a toilet.




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