Updates and the first permit

Although I have posted in a while and the outside mostly looks the same, there has been a ton going on.

Most of the welding on the exterior is complete. The last of it should be completed this weekend. The first floor stair opening is done and looks great. The window and door openings have all been cut in the containers on the third floor and the metal framing should be finished shortly. Once we have the forklift to get the I beams up to the third floor, those will be welded in place and the last of the structural will be complete.

The big news is on the other systems. Rough in plumbing is complete and approved (permit pending the paper plans being onsite). Electrical rough in was also completed and it was permitted. The first green sticker to go in! It may seem like cart before the horse, because I still need to get the foundation and structure permitted, but that should be relatively simple once I receive the engineering letter that should arrive tomorrow. We didn’t slow down on the other parts and the city allowed us to get permits for the other systems without having the foundation and structure permitted yet. Only two minor changes were required for the electrical to be approved and they were relatively easy, so we didn’t really argue those (even though I don’t completely agree with them). All of the electrical outlets are really low on the wall because I don’t like seeing wire from something going across the floor and then up the wall a foot or so. Being low allows them to be less visible. No problem with that, except for the bathroom. They want that one to be raised higher. I mounted all of the boxes and pulled about half the wire, so even I can make that change. The other change was moving the service panel farther away from the temporary container storing building materials. It’s going away once the project is further along, but they still required moving it. Two feet of exterior conduit and rewiring the service panel solved that concern. Power should be installed to the building within two days now that rough in was approved. No more battery powered tools and lights or generators. Plumbing should also be approved in the next couple of days now that the printed plans are on site (geez). Low voltage is also complete, so cameras are in place and speakers will go in soon. Progress!

We had some fairly heavy rain lately. This was causing a problem with the covered patio area. Rain and water run off were making its way into the patio, which was then leaking through the flooring and onto the container roof below. While this allowed us to find any issues and holes in that ceiling, it’s certainly not ideal to have water pooling on the metal ceiling above an interior room. Finishing up some of the welding and installing a drip rail prevented the run off from getting in even during the most heavy of the recent rains. So hopefully that is one more problem solved.


One thought on “Updates and the first permit

  1. So proud of your wonderful endeavor! Will be very happy for all your struggles to be over & you can enjoy the fruits of your labors!


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