Stairs and stairs, and another permit

Phew, started on some stairs to make it easier to get into and out if the back, which turned into a weekend of stair building. For the outdoor ones, I used premade deck stair stringers, so I guess I cheated. But it allowed me to get two sets built mostly by myself (I had a friend stop by and talk for a bit, but put his hands on a few things) within an afternoon. I am still building everything with battery powered tools. I thought we would have power connected this week, but come to find out, a contractor has yet to purchase a permit. Even though it is for sidewalk / driveway work, it has to be purchased before they will allow an electrical meter. Another silly process, if you ask me. But outdoor stairs are done. I even took on the challenge of building the interior stairs. I need to make a few adjustments and it required a late night, but it is done. Plumbing also got a partial permit. Now on to the insulation and roof framing?


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