HVAC goes in and KHOU11 makes a visit

Today was the installation of the HVAC system. I chose a Mitsubishi mini split system based on its reputation as the best, quietest, and most long lasting. Even though these are becoming more widespread in North America and Home Depot advertises them, finding someone to put them in new construction is a challenge. I found a company who had honored their quote, been very communicative, and showed up on schedule. I went with a combo system that uses one wall hung unit and one concealed unit. I had a place in one of the rooms that was out of sight for the wall hung. So when viewing from most of the common areas, it is hidden.

The other unit is concealed. It was designed for the North American market since we are used to ducted systems here. It will be above the slatted ceiling and drop down a couple of vents that are ducted across the ceiling. Since it is on a wall of cabinets, that made more sense and was less visible than a wall mounted for that area. These things are supposed to be super efficient and quiet, plus I think we have more BTU’s than needed for this first phase, so I’m looking forward to a low energy bill.

After Swamplot posted a small article and a link to this blog last Friday, KHOU channel 11, contacted me this morning and asked if they could come by to do a story on the build. It is airing tonight at 10pm. They must have liked it once they got here because they stayed for quite a while getting footage and talking about it. I think they even brought out a drone pilot and got some aerials of it. I was hesitant because I was in work clothes to finish up the stairs, but when they found out I designed the place and was actually materially involved in the construction, they didn’t want me to change for the interview, they said it was more authentic. We will see how that comes out later tonight. But I’m glad the stairs were finished for that, so they could go to the second floor for footage.


One thought on “HVAC goes in and KHOU11 makes a visit

  1. It’s three forty a.m. in Monahans, Texas. I am on a Pipeline line hauling project in this region. I noticed your project and have always been intrigued in container living. You are doing a marvelous job. It must feel good good getting in there and applying your own sweat equity.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to visiting Houston and seeing your finished home.
    Keep me posted.


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