Latest update

So the KHOU11 story was nearly viral. A version of the story aired on CBS affiliates across the country. Friends from Austin, to Dallas, to the east coast told me they saw it. This has fueled even more traffic to the blog and the house. I’m still not opening it up to the public, fyi. But I was contacted by the Weird Homes Tour, which started in Austin, and they want to have the house on the Houston tour in October. That might be the only time it will be open to the public (or ticket buying public). I have been contacted by several other media outlets, including the Chronicle, but I’m not sure that any additional press will be any benefit. I will probably do Houston CityBook for a design related story.

In terms of the actual construction, things are getting done, even if slower than anticipated.

The closed cell spray foam was completed this past week, but there is some follow up to be done on that. For the most part it is fine, but there was some overspray on finished products that is a big concern. I am reserving my final opinion until we see how the issues are handled. But suffice it to say, replacing the permitted shower pan because it had overspray and then was scratched by the installer trying to remove the overspray (after I explicitly told him not to use a metal scraper) is not at the top of my list for things I want to have done.

I installed what I consider acoustic insulation over the foam in the main area ceiling. What a difference this makes on sound dampening. I’ve done it before in our showroom and it makes it such a nice, comfy, good sounding space.

At this point, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing have all been approved for “cover”. That’s why the foam went in. But I am behind on the structural inspections. There was a hold up on the pier inspection because we needed an engineer letter. Even once I got that after a few weeks, they wanted a new survey. None of this is unusual but the way or times it has been requested is a little strange. It feels like there is extra scrutiny on this project, but that doesn’t really bother me. It’s my house, so I want everything to not just be to code, but to be well built, so no corners are being cut. It’s just taking longer to get some of the needed items. Even though he wasn’t there for framing today, the structural inspector said everything looked good. He wants another engineer letter, but only called out one teeny tiny little item that needed to be fixed. Some foam was missing from one wood penetration around a speaker wire. It’s a 30 second fix. He didn’t call out anything else, even though he asked a ton of questions. Overall I’d say that’s good, considering I did all of the framing.

Electrical should finally be connected this week. I wish I could say that for plumbing. The longest saga has been on the taps side. First the contractors said they couldn’t find the main, then the city said it might not be there but they can’t be sure, then a leak developed which we thought would indicate the main, but it turned out to be an abandoned water meter. Good news, right? The water meter we thought was already there was discovered by the city. They replaced part of the line, tested it, and said it was all good if the meter was updated (it had been closed so long, it didn’t open up all the way). A city inspector was there and they even replaced the grass. What could be better? Well, public works can’t find a record of that meter, so as far as they are concerned, it doesn’t exist. This is where logic does not come into play. Even though a working meter, that was repaired and inspected by the city, is right at the front of my lot, they may still make me run a new tap at thousands of dollars in expense. The saga continues…


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