Latest update

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. Some things are moving along quickly and others are still dragging.

The roof joists on top of the third floor are complete. They can now be foamed and covered with decking and roofing.

The third floor windows are also in. They were a big challenge because the steel framing does not give and the windows are very large, so it all has to be perfect to go in correctly. At about 6′ x 7′ and double paned, laminated, they are very heavy. I’m actually a little surprised I was able to get them installed by myself. The trim I installed ahead of time made it possible. They still need to be sealed, but at least they are in and help keep the rain out.

I decided on steel stair stringer kits for the remaining interior and exterior stairs. I ordered the kits online and although it was tedious, got them assembled easily. I wasn’t a fan of the putty color, so I ended up painting them all. The paint sprayer I bought for paint spraying the insulation on the ceiling in the first floor came in handy. Spraying them certainly saved time versus brush or roller. Thanks to my dad for coming in for the day to help with that and test fitting them in the stairwell openings. Installing them and getting treads should now be relatively simple.

Drywall should be going in this week, so the ceiling slats needed to be completed. The HVAC is complete and working, so it could be covered. Because of the type of unit, there had to be an access panel for the main one. It breaks up the continuity of the ceiling just a bit, but is better than being left open.

The grating came in for the second floor small balconies and the open space from the second floor to the third. It had to be cut and ground down, but turned out well. Definitely makes it feel more open.

Once the drywall is in, the cabinets, tile, and electrical can be completed, making it a livable space.


One thought on “Latest update

  1. Hey, so cool what you are building there, very nice. My self I love the idea of some day do the same of what you are doing, I feel that any other type, regular home construction is so typical. I like to think outside of the box, hahahaha. Plus this kind of building last forever and could stand anything. Good luck and I’ll keep checking on the progress.


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