A few more updates and lots of attention lately

Although I said that I may not post anymore now that I’m living in the house, there has been a bunch of attention on the project more recently. I thought it only right to at least have some decent pics out there. A few Instagram posts have shared pics from over a year ago, so many people don’t realize it’s finished enough to be lived in. Of course I continue to work on it and it will continue to evolve. I have three more stories to finish out on the inside!

I think many people don’t realize ghat the front it going to be almost all glass with lots of windows. I have the container doors closed for protection, but some of them are starting to peek open and reveal snippets of what the front will ultimately look like. One Instagram poster got it and shared a nice shot at night showing the colored lights I have.

I don’t mind the attention and essentially everyone who stops to take a picture or ask about it says they love it. I just never thought it would be this popular or attention getting.

One of the balconies is completely finished and the main window in the second floor is sheathed and has siding. Those areas are ready for paint. I’ll probably do them like the front door, but that’s undecided at the moment. I may go back and put metal over all of them, maybe not.

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