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My house gets lots of attention.  I don’t mind much.  Mainly because most people who take the time to comment are very positive, I think it is nice.  However just like with anything else, word gets around, people chatter, misinformation gets out there, and keyboard jockeys think everyone cares what they think.  I didn’t build this house for everyone, I built it for me.  I am not seeking attention and I don’t do this for a living, so I am not seeking business from it.  So at the end of the day, I don’t really care about the comments.  The only thing I do care about it misinformation or people taking credit for something they didn’t do.  Recently ripped off the KHOU story from 18 months ago, copying the text word for word, and taking pictures off of this blog.  Any legitimate journalistic outlet would know that you credit the source of your information.  They didn’t do this, at least not properly, and the author shared it on Facebook where it was shared again and again….over 25,000 times.  Never did any of that get linked back to an appropriate source of information, which lead to a bunch of people asking questions and them not getting answers (or correct answers).

I won’t rant about a bunch of negative comments and I don’t mind if the house is used on other blogs or news sites.  I only ask that the proper due diligence is done if someone is going to post something about it and use my content.  One day I will finish it and it will stand on its own as a design and build.  Until that time, it is and will continue to be a WORK IN PROGRESS.  I have commented myself that it is likely to get more crazy looking before it ever becomes more normal.

2 thoughts on “More recent pics

  1. I live in Greater Eastwood and pass by your home regularly and always admire what you have built. Particularly intriguing is the neon Art framed in the windows. But as far as the structure, I like it JUST the way it is. Thank you for busking through all the impossibilities and road blocks and building what YOU want!! Thank you for documenting the process along the way for US to enjoy!!
    Houston needs MORE unique container structures and less of those ‘other types’.
    Thank you!


  2. Hi , I saw your home being featured in a magazine.
    Me and my husband would lobe to build a container home out in the country. We do have lots of questions , weather to do it ourselves or hire someone. What do you recommend?


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