I am not a professional home builder, but I have worked in design for many years and have a long history with residential construction.  I decided to build my own house many years ago, but it is only just now coming to fruition.  Containers caught my eye as a method of construction and I played around with the idea of using that to build the house after seeing a few projects I liked featured online and in print around the world.  This was several years ago before it was as common as it is now.

I read an article in Dwell magazine on the first Houston container home and was determined to find out as much as I could about the product and process.  I had done a design for a town house, but knew I needed to make it more sophisticated, if I was to turn it into a real build.  I taught myself Sketchup when it was still Google Sketchup and ultimately used that as the means to design the home using containers.

MCGOWEN 3D survey

There is a large learning curve to using containers and it is not as easy as some make it sound.  I did a ton of research, bought books, bought a container, worked on a very small container project, and more before ever diving into this process.

During the process of actually building the house, I have met many people that could have been resources for the build.  Some are doing their own projects, some are interested in the idea.  Many people stop by during the building process, so in an effort to have the information available to them (and not have the same conversation over and over), I have put the information into this crude blog.